300cc Liquid Culture Starter Kit (Wide Mouth)

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Turn a single 10cc spore syringe into 300cc's of liquid mycelium culture with this kit. That's enough to inoculate up to 100 grain jars (*) and seed 20 monotubs (**)! If you've never grown a liquid mycelium culture before, this kit has almost everything you'll need:

  • (1) wide mouth, vented jar lid with self-healing rubber plug installed (for growing the culture)
  • (1) 9cc syringe of liquid culture nutrients
  • (1) roll of 1"x10yard micropore tape (used for covering the jar's vent port)
  • (1) 4" blunt tip Luer Lock dispensing needle (for collecting the culture)
  • (10) 30cc Luer Lock syringes (to store and dispense the culture)
  • (10) Luer Lock syringe caps 
  • (10) 18 gage needles (for dispensing the culture)

In addition to this kit, you'll need:

  • (1) wide mouth mason jar capable of holding at least 300 cc's of water
  • A pressure cooker or instant pot

Don't need the dispensing needle, micropore tape, and lid? Check out this refill kit!

(*) Based on the recommended rate of 3cc's of liquid mycelium culture per 200g of prepared rye grain
(**) Based on using 1000 grams of inoculated grain per monotub