CVG Substrate Kit (25-35 quart tub)

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No measuring, no weighing, no mess; this kit has the pre-measured ingredients you need to create substrate for your 25-35 quart tub:
  • 390 grams of coco coir 
  • 1.1 liters of vermiculite 
  • 35 grams of pelletized gypsum
  • Detailed written instructions for preparation

Each kit makes one tub worth of substrate. This kit provides enough substrate to fill to the following depths in your tub:

25 qt tub -> 10cm (4.00") deep

30 qt tub -> 8cm (3.10") deep

35 qt tub -> 6.6cm (2.60") deep

Not sure if this is right for your tub? Enter your tub dimensions here to find out.

Looking for the procedure to make your substrate? Here it is!