Hello, and thank you for stopping by my website! You've landed on the "About" page, and my intention here is to share a little bit about why this website exists. 

This page was started to host a monotub calculator I built in 2020. The calculator was my answer to a problem I was experiencing: not having enough (or too much) grain spawn or substrate for my monotub projects. The calculator solved that problem for me, and I decided to share it. Initially, I shared it on a Facebook group for folks to download a Microsoft Excel file, but I quickly discovered that there were many compatibility issues; this website grew out of the FB group, and I began to add written procedures to accompany some of the videos I was posting on Youtube

In 2022, the website began to receive enough traffic that I needed to upgrade the website, and I decided to start selling mushroom cultivation ingredients and kits to help pay for the costs of running the website. 

It is my goal to continue to provide the calculator and other resources for zero cost to you; and transparency in this is very important to me. The calculator and procedures are 100% free to access; no sign-up required. I offer the option to sign up for my newsletter, where I infrequently send out news articles that excite me, discount codes for goodies on the website, or notifications of new videos on YouTube. I don't share your contact information. 

Thanks for visiting! Your feedback and notes help me to improve this resource. Please feel free to email me with any suggestions or comments: oneearthmushrooms@gmail.com