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Bulk Coco Coir

Bulk Coco Coir

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Questions about how much coco coir to order? Check out the substrate calculator here

Coco Coir is the backbone of most common substrate mixes used for the cultivation of many popular mushrooms.  It provides the following benefits:

  • Structure: the coco fibers give the mycelium plenty to hold on to while they travel throughout the substrate cake in search of moisture and nutrients.  Additionally, when soaking or rehydrating your substrate cake for multiple flushes, the fibers prevent your cake from disintegrating and washing out.
  • Moisture Retention: the unique properties of this portion of the coconut allow your substrate cake to maintain plenty of moisture for full and productive flushes. 
  • Nutrients: while coco coir is not dense in nutrients, it does provide some nutrients for the mycelium to consume.  But remember, over-nutrition ends up being the perfect breeding ground for unwanted contaminants; coco coir provides that perfect balance.  

What is Coco Coir?

Coco coir is a byproduct of the coconut fiber industry. Between the outer husk and the actual coconut is a layer of fibrous threads. While the outer husk and coconut may be used for textiles and other coconut products, the coco coir is usually set aside.

This leftover byproduct is then compacted into bricks or sold loosely for use in agriculture. Compared to its more controversial counterpart peat, coco coir is completely renewable, and is viewed as the more sustainable medium.

Most coco coir is derived from Asia, particularly India and Southeast Asia.

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