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Bulk Pelletized Gypsum

Bulk Pelletized Gypsum

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Questions about how much gypsum to order? Check out the substrate calculator here. 

Our gypsum comes in a pelletized form.  This makes it much easier to work with because it creates less dust and mess. 

Gypsum is a highly recommended ingredient for grain spawn and monotub substrate for two reasons:  

  • Gypsum provides calcium and sulfur, two essential nutrients that mycelium crave. 
  • Gypsum helps to prevent grain and substrate from clumping (sticking together).

For grain spawn, 2% (by weight) of gypsum is typically added. For coco coir/vermiculite/gypsum substrate, 5% (by weight) is typically added. 

Looking for the rest of your CVG ingredients? Coco coir is here, and vermiculite is here!

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